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If you need to contact me for anything... just send me an email. You will recieve a verification email from Please click the the verification link in that email. If you do not do this... I will not receive your email.

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Corrupt File

Please be sure to make sure that you have downloaded the file completely. If you have completely downloaded the file and it is still corrput... please let me know ASAP so that I can upload a new file.

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Downloading Files

If you are having problems downloading files... please be sure that your are right clicking the file and "Saving Target As". This will allow you to point to a directory on your computer to save the file to.

If you are experiencing slow downloads, it's possible my server is having a load problem, however... keep in mind that it is possible that you may have a slow connection or connectivity problems as well.

I pay a premium monthly fee to for top notch servers, so I expect for your experience to be fast and enjoyable.

Mobile Devices - Stuttering Scroll

During the development of and maintenance of my sites, I noticed that while scrolling on my iPhone that the page was stuttering. This was REALLY ANNOYING. It's completely my fault because I had looked at the same pages over and over, refreshing, making sure everything was positioned correctly and looking good.

But what this did was completely fill up my phone's cache and memory. Once you do that, your experience starts to spiral until it goes right down the drain.

I had Eighteen open tabs in Google Chrome as well as three tabs in Safari. Not to mention several other apps. So I closed all tabs and apps and turned the phone off.

That was the ticket! I restarted the phone, opened Google Chrome, went to my site, hit a long scrolling page and it was beautiful. It was like using lube during sex… the page was sliding and gliding!

I hope this tip improves your mobile web experience! You can also do this with any other device including your laptop or desktop computers. They can become stale over time if you do not get a fresh restart.

Login/Password Problem

Please be sure to copy paste your username and password when loging into the members area of any of my sites. Sometimes during copy, it is possible to copy a Space at the end of the username or password. Be sure that this is not happening to you.

If you are still having problems with your login... please contact CCBill's 24/7 Consumer Support, it's possible for me to be asleep :)

Website: CCBill
Phone: 1-888-596-9279

You can also contact me, I always see my email come in on my phone.

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